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     Our fast installation process can even be done remotely, without you having to bring us your computer, or even leave your home!  We can log into your computer and install all the necessary software, and do all the configuration.  If you don't own a microphone or any audio equipment, and want to do live broadcasting, we can install your Home Studio for you.  From a simple microphone and mixing board setup, to full blown professional Broadcast Studios, we provide fast installations and get you on the air. 

     All packages include powerful radio automation software so you can program all the songs, talk breaks, promotions, events, or commercials that you want.  You have total control.  Play exactly the songs that you want in the order you want, or let the software play your music automatically.  Your Station is always on the air working for you!  You can do live shows, prerecord your shows and schedule them to play at certain times, do talk segments, or play whatever you want.  You also get professional audio editing software, so you can produce your own station ID's, advertising spots, audio clips, and commercial breaks.  Promote yourself as a radio jock, promote your business, do live shows, and play your music.  Your Radio Station goes all day every day!  We even include a huge audio library of music beds and sound FX so you can get professional results with ease!

     And that's just the beginning.  Imagine being on vacation and listening to your Radio Station on your Smartphone from anywhere in the world!  With Radio From Home you get an Internet Radio Station app for your Smartphone free with every package.  And not just one!  Everyone you know can install the app for free and listen to your station.  If your car stereo has an aux jack or Bluetooth, you can listen to your Radio Station on your car stereo! There is nothing more fun and empowering than having your own Radio Station.  Everyone dreams of hearing themselves live on the air, now you can do it for real.  Whether you are just starting out, or a serious professional, having your own Home Studio and Internet Radio Station can really jump start your business and your career!

Get yours today.

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