How to Program ServeStream and TuneIn Radio

ServeStream (Android only):

-Install the App on your Android device from Google Play.

-Open ServeStream and click on the + symbol at the upper right.

-Tap the http:// field.  This will bring up your keyboard.

-Enter the URL for your radio station using mms prefix:  (mms://yourstationname)

-Tap the Confirm button.



TuneIn Radio  (IPhone or Android):

-Install the App on your mobile device.  (from either the Apple Store or Google Play).

-Create a TuneIn Radio account.  (The app will prompt you to create an account, so just put in name, email, and a password).  Done.

-Tap the Browse tab at the bottom of the screen.  Choose any Internet Radio Station from the list and play it by tapping the play button. 

-Now tap the + icon at the top right, and tap Add Station to save that station to Favorites. 

*(You must add at least one station to Favorites before it will let you save your station).

-Now you can add your radio station:

-Tap the My Profile tab at the bottom.  Now there is an Add new custom URL box

-Tap the Add New Custom Url box.

-Enter the URL for your radio station using http prefix:  (http://yourstationname)

-Tap the Custom Stream bar with the URL you just entered.  Your radio station starts playing!

-Tap the + icon at the top.   Type in the name of your station.  Tap OK.

Done!  Your station is now in your Favorites list.  Just tap My Profile to find your station the next time you open TuneIn Radio.

(You can now delete the station you first added to Favorites if you wish).