RadioFromHome is the #1 solution for all you Rock Bands, Rappers, and Musical Acts trying to get your music out there!   Way better than trying to promote the old fashioned way, making tons of CD’s and distributing them by hand, with RadioFromHome you can have the fans, the clubs, and the Record Companies checking you out on your own Internet Radio Station!   And they can listen anytime, because your station is on the air all day, every day.

Get pumped, it’s time to seriously kick start your career!  You can broadcast your own original music, tell your fans about your upcoming shows, throw in some recorded interviews, promo your CD release party, and re-broadcast your live shows!  You don’t have to wait to get signed to hear Your Music on the radio!  And when your band starts getting popular, make sure you charge for advertising on your Station!

Whether you are a national act or just starting out, set your band apart with your own Internet Radio Station.  Put your band on the fast track to success with RadioFromHome!

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